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I’ve created an Amazon Store for books on socially engaged Buddhism that I’ve found especially inspiring and informative. Also included in the store are some of my favorite books on Buddhism, in general, as well as some good reads on activism and politics.

Please visit the store and support The Jizo Chronicles. (A small percentage of each purchase that you make on Amazon through this link comes back to me.)

with metta,


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  1. Thomas Harry Pearce

    Dear Maia,
    I’ve recently published my new book on relieving the suffering of all beings entitled “A Path for All Beings – A Joyful Homemade Path for Happy Living and World Peace.” It says many important things about the bodhisattva path, a self-transformative householder Buddhism and a “bold altruism.” It’s on Amazon and Barnes & Noble including e-book versions. I will send you a free copy if you write.
    For All Beings
    Thomas Harry Pearce


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