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  3. Hello. I didn’t want to leave a comment on your post, for a number of reasons. None of them having to do with you or your blog. I just thought you might find my post on the subject of socially engaged Buddhism to be of some interest.


  4. Beverly Alexander

    Hello Maia,

    I just stumbled across your blog.

    I was glad to be reminded of you.


  5. We are engaged in creating a Project that is mostly based on the Engaged Zen model of Glassman Roshi, the model of Social Entrepreneurship of Father Gregory Boyle at Homeboy Industries, and a lifetime of suffering with Poverty. I am part of the Order of Clear Mind Zen, and working to bring resources to Las Cruces, NM. My own push towards ordination centers around the idea that Engaged Zen, in some respects, includes any and all sentient creatures that may be served by our actions. Our efforts, while still in something of “early stages,” has caught the attention of many people within the Business community. What we are not getting, is a large amount of support from the so-called “Progressive Community.” It is our hope that people within the Socially Engaged Buddhist community will keep an eye on our efforts, and work to spread the word that we exist, and we are focused on Compassionate Action. Thanks for tolerating my little self-promotion. Peace and Compassion to you!


  6. For clarification of my message from May 30, 2012: I am working my own organizations, including Compassion Ventures, and Chimpzilla to bring Social Enterpreneurship to needy people in Southern New Mexico. In the message of May 30, 2012, I worded the message poorly and failed to make it clear that the model of Social Entrepreneurship that was being represented was throught my Chimpzilla organization, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Order of Clear Mind Zen. At the time, I was attended that Sangha. I am not currently attending the Order of Clear Mind Zen Sangha. The reference to “ordination centers” was meant to be figurative language about doing Engaged Buddhism work, but on second view, should have been worded as “action centers,” or something similar. The use of the word “ordination” was meant to imply action ordained by Buddhist belief. It was poor wording in the message, thought the intention was quite different than the manner in which such language may have been construed by some. I wish to also mention that I no longer maintain any direct relationship with the Order of Clear Mind Zen. Again, the wording of the message could be construed to mean that I am working with the Order of Clear Mind Zen to accomplish these goals, but the organization that was initially being referred to in the message was actually the Chimpzilla organization, whose link is in the message. My sincere apologies to anyone from the viewed this message and gleaned that I was assisting the Order of Clear Mind Zen in their work, which is most worthy. Again, it was my poor wording that could have caused confusion. However, it is my sincere hope that all Buddhist organizations will unite to make Engaged Buddhism the primary practice of Buddhism, and use the principles of Buddhism to make the world better for all sentient creatures. Sitting on the cushion is a great start, but moving into the world with the ideas is what needs to be manifest. Thanks!


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