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An Invitation: Random Acts of Generosity

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Over the past few weeks I’ve heard about several great initiatives that could use a bit of your help to become manifest — so I am devoting this post of The Jizo Chronicles to spreading the word. If you’re able to spare a little change for any or all of these campaigns, you’ll help to make big change in the world!

Help BPF Compassionately Confront Injustice
The Buddhist Peace Fellowship has a long history of connecting dharma with social justice, and social justice with dharma. From Turning Wheel magazine  to hands-on training programs, BPF has long offered a place to bring Buddhist teachings into conversation with the larger world. Now you can give them a hand by contributing to this campaign which will fund an in-person gathering next summer as well as continue developing the innovative and participatory curriculum called “The System Stinks,” inspired by a phrase from the beloved Robert Aitken Roshi. Campaign end date: Oct 30, 2013

Documentary Film on Zen in America
Adam Ko Shin Tebbe of Sweeping Zen is working on creating ZEN IN AMERICA, the first documentary series of its kind to thoroughly examine the history and practices of Zen in North America. The series will visit Zen temples throughout North America to show how Zen Buddhism is being expressed in our modern culture.  Adam began filming for the series in July of 2013. Over the next several years he will visit the many practice centers  in North America. You can learn more about the project and make a donation here. Campaign end date: Oct 21, 2013

Restorative Justice in Thailand
My dear friend Rose Gordon is a gifted trainer of Restorative Justice (RJ). She’s been invited to teach RJ to Asian and Muslim activists and students in Thailand. She is doing this as a volunteer and won’t receive an honorarium… and she needs to raise her own travel funds. If you’re interested in helping her out, you can find her fundraising campaign here. Restorative Justice is a way to support  those involved in conflict discover how they affect one another and how to create a stronger and healthier connection among members of community.

Thanks for whatever you can do to support any of these worthy projects… keep the good karma moving around!


About Maia

I've been practicing and studying the Buddha way since 1994, and exploring the question "What is engaged Buddhism?" since the late 90s. As former executive director of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship and editor of its journal, Turning Wheel, I had the honor of meeting and working with many practitioners of engaged dharma, including Roshi Joan Halifax, Joanna Macy, Alan Senauke, and Robert Aitken Roshi. I write about socially engaged Buddhism on my blog, "The Jizo Chronicles," as well as on the theme of personal and collective freedom on my website, "The Liberated Life Project." Through my Five Directions Consulting, I offer support to individuals and organizations who aspire to integrate awareness into their work.

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  1. Of possible associative interest, the fund drive for the Buddhist monk Weera “Tony” Chulsuwan, a 66-year-old Oklahoma resident who cares for animals other cannot or won’t, has benefited from a lot of kind gifts.

    Tony was beaten with a logging chain and metal pipe on Aug. 30 in a robbery by two teenagers. He was left for dead outside his house. After 24 hours, he regained enough consciousness and energy to drag himself indoors and call for help.

    Friends in Spencer were generous with their support as were those who contributed to the the Internet fund set up on his behalf ( To date, some $8,000 has been raised; a well has been dug for free on his property; and Tony has acquired an old but serviceable pickup. The $350 he makes in Social Security payments is largely devoted to the animals he tends, so the extra money is a big help.

    Tony is recuperating, one of the two offenders, a juvenile, has been apprehended, and the generosity of others has helped to provide a small cushion to his activities. Donations have slowed, but continue to trickle in as the fund hopes to raise $15,000.

    The generosity of others has been really wonderful.

    Thanks to all!

  2. I tried to make a comment that seemed to dovetail with the efforts you noted, but it seems to have been lost in the great void. Mine was a bit of a thank you to all those concerned with the Oklahoma Buddhist monk, Weera “Tony” Chulsuwan, 66, who was beaten and left for dead Aug 30.

    Subsequent generosity flowed in both from neighbors and to a fund set up in Tony’s behalf ( To date, over $8,000 has been raised to help Tony care for the animals that others can’t or won’t. He makes $350 per month in Social Security payments and much of that is devoted to the animals. A new well was dug for free and Tony has acquired a used, but serviceable pickup truck. The fund hopes to raise $15,000 but also wishes to express its deep gratitude to those who took the time and made the effort to lend a hand.

    Thanks to all bodhisattvas in action!

    adam fisher

  3. The bliss your words bring to my day is always so very wonderful!.


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