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Letter to Jizo Chronicle Readers

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Dear readers of The Jizo Chronicles,

As spring turns into summer (at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere), I want to thank you for your ongoing support. I’m grateful for the chance to connect with so many of you via this medium. There are many people doing bodhisattva work in the world, offering their practice and compassionate action to help alleviate suffering, and I am honored to feature some of their stories here.

I created The Jizo Chronicles a year and a half ago and continue to maintain it and the features here, such as the Calendar of Events, as a labor of love. This site is freely offered as a contribution to the socially engaged Buddhist community (and really to everyone who cares about people, the planet, and mindful/heartfelt social change) and I deeply appreciate your readership.

If you value the content on this blog and the effort I put into it, I’d be grateful if you would consider making a donation. This is the first time I’ve ever asked this, but there are a few expenses involved in maintaining a blog as well as the time that I invest in research and writing, and your support would help.

By making an offering, you have an opportunity to practice the paramita of dana and you get to support a sincere dharma practitioner, particularly as I focus on a student loan debt that I’d like to pay off before I reach 60! (Not an exaggeration–I’m 49 years old and have devoted my life to working in nonprofits, so it’s taking a long time to pay that loan off!)

In the spirit of paying it forward, for the month of June I will give 10% of whatever donations I receive to the good work of the Cambodia AIDS Project.

Here’s the virtual alms bowl, should you feel so inspired. And of course it’s fine if you don’t make a donation at this time… I am grateful to have each and every one of you as readers!

With much gratitude,


maia.duerr [at] gmail [dot] com

About Maia

I've been practicing and studying the Buddha way since 1994, and exploring the question "What is engaged Buddhism?" since the late 90s. As former executive director of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship and editor of its journal, Turning Wheel, I had the honor of meeting and working with many practitioners of engaged dharma, including Roshi Joan Halifax, Joanna Macy, Alan Senauke, and Robert Aitken Roshi. I write about socially engaged Buddhism on my blog, "The Jizo Chronicles," as well as on the theme of personal and collective freedom on my website, "The Liberated Life Project." Through my Five Directions Consulting, I offer support to individuals and organizations who aspire to integrate awareness into their work.

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  2. I just want to say how moved I am by the kind letters and donations that have come in so far, and how grateful! Your donations are definitely helping me make a small dent in that old grad school student loan (it’s at $34,000 now, which is better than the $54,000 it was at four years ago!), and I will be delighted to tithe 10% of all donations received to the Cambodian AIDS Project at the end of the month.

    Thank you all again…
    palms together,


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