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Finalists Named for Blogisattva Awards

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The Blogisattva Awards are kind of like Christmas for us Buddhist bloggers. Originally started by Tom Armstrong, these awards have been given out over the past several years and have really helped to build a sense of  sangha among Buddhist bloggers, as well as brought more awareness of their work to the larger community.

I am honored and humbled to be included in the lists of finalists, a list that includes some of my favorite writers like Genju, James Ford, Marguerite Manteau-Rao, Nathan Thompson, and Marnie Louise Froberg. You can view the complete lists of nominees here. The “winners” will be named tomorrow, December 12, but in my book, they are all winners!

(To me, the one glaring omission was not including Katie Loncke’s excellent blog in the list — I hope that she will be recognized next year and in the meantime I encourage you to take a look at her writing, which is consistently thought-provoking and heartfelt.)

A very big thank you to the team that administered this year’s awards: Nate DeMontigny from Precious Metal, Kyle Lovett from The Reformed Buddhist, and Anoki Casey of Buddha Badges who will always be my favorite graphic designer.

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